Flat Leaver


2011 OTTB bay gelding
My unicorn!

When your friend the race trainer messages you that she needs to place her “baby”, sends you pictures of him with her actual baby, and you can’t stop thinking about him- you answer that call! This horse literally has the best brain of any horse ever and it doesn’t hurt that he’s extremely handsome to boot! I’m only a handful of rides in, have already taken him off property to a 2 day overnight clinic, and he was completely unfazed! The clinician- USEF recognized clinician, Raul de Leon, was extremely impressed with both his brain and his movement!

Fletcher is headed to Lexington, Kentucky in October for the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover where he will compete in Dressage and Freestyle. Though we are at an extreme disadvantage, having only 2 months of retraining versus most who have 10, don’t discount this guy!

A friend commented this weekend, “I was drooling at how fancy he is and then he did something fancier, as if he’d been fancy his entire life”. We have miles to go, and a lifetime ahead of us! Kentucky is just our first stop on our way out to event! This horse is truly that once in a lifetime horse and I could not be more excited to have him!

Summer events:

8/11- Clinic with Holly Parker

8/12- Show at Oxley Equestrian Center

8/26- the Clinic with Courtney King-Dye

10/1-10/4- KENTUCKY!!

Follow Fletcher on Facebook and Instagram for his run-up to the Retired Racehorse Program!


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